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This is just a sample of what Puritan Furniture has to offer.
Stop by Puritan Furniture 1061 New Britain Avenue West Hartford to see the largest selection of furniture in CT.


U1192 Black Sectional
U1192 2 Piece Sectional
On Sale $799.99

U1192 White Sectional
U1192 2 Piece Sectional
On Sale $799.99

1515 2pc Sectional
1515 2 Piece Sectional

9439 Leather Sectional
9439 Leather Sectional

"Lee" Contemporary Modular Sectional
154 Lee Sectional

Bradford Sectional
176 Bradford Sectional

058 Sectional
058 Benson Sectional

571 Sectional
571 Marino Sectional

530 Modular Sectional
530 Alfred Sectional

Orion Sectional
401 Orion Sectyional

Martel Modular Sectional
189 Martel Sectional

Soho Modular Sectional
143 Soho Sectional

9439 Leather Sectional
9439 Modular Leather Sectional

Gemini Sectional
405 Gemini Sectional

"Juno" Modular Sectional by Jonathan Louis
412 Juno Sectional

124 Fisher Modular Sectional
124 Fisher Sectional

530 Modular Sectional
530 Alfred Sectional

725 Sectional
725 Slip Cover Sectional

Brentwood Sectional
Brentwood Sectional

70200 Contemporary Sectional
70200 Sectional

sleep sectional
Vision Sectional

55201 Sectional

8710 Sectional
Truscotti-CafÉ Sectional

310 Sectional
310 Lucas Sectional

2 Piece Gray Sectional w/ Chaise
16B 2 Piece Sectional W/ Chaise

2 Piece Chocolate Sectional w/ Chaise
16C 2 Piece Sectional w/ Chaise

5pc Modular Sectional
29A0 5 Piece Modular Sectional

2 Piece Sectional
G8513 2 Piece Sectional

2 Piece Sectional
G7523 2 Piece Sectional

7301 Modular Sectional
7301 4 Piece Modular Sectional

F9 Series Modular Sectional
F9 Series Custom Modular Sectional

7864 Modular Sectional
7864 Custom Sectional

For service or merchandise questions pertaining to Puritan Furniture, West Hartford CT. please call (860) 236-4271 - Directions
Puritan Distribution Outlet, Wethersfield, CT. (860) 529-8231- Directions