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This is just a sample of what Puritan Furniture has to offer.
Stop by Puritan Furniture 1061 New Britain Avenue West Hartford to see the largest selection of furniture in CT.


3800 Stationary Sofa

Decade Aqua Sofa

3110 Sofa Out West Linen

Dana Collection

C9 Series Sofa

742150 Sofa

748750 Sofa

938350 Sofa

732550 Sofa

738850 Sofa

742950 Sofa

918250 Sofa

23A0 Sofa

740250 Sofa

47A3 Sofa

33A0 Sofa

7130 Flip Flop Sofa



55a3 Sofa

66e3 Sofa

65a3 Sofa

5313 Sofa

2600 Marlo Ivory Sofa

8210 Decade Graphite Sofa

5400 Sofa

Emily Sofa

83a3 Sofa

84a3 Sofa

97a3 Sofa

47B3 Contemporary Sofa

Athenas Living Room

Cambridge Sofa

18A0 Sofa

42A3 Contemporary Sofa

36402 Sofa

Martin Mini Sofa -G560- Rowe

992 Contemporary Sofa

2033 Contemporary Sofa

marino sofa

9850 Living Room

Talbox Living Room

7600 Living Room

5463 Sofa

78a3 Sofa

Clarice Sofa

lauren sofa

Traditional Sofa

7650 Sofa

7685 Sofa

6220 Traditional Sofa

For service or merchandise questions pertaining to Puritan Furniture, West Hartford CT. please call (860) 236-4271 - Directions
Puritan Distribution Outlet, Wethersfield, CT. (860) 529-8231- Directions